01 Web Agency

Catamedia creates modern and dynamic web sites, offering innovative and effective web design solutions with the intention of converting visits site to real customers and contacts.

Whether you want a technical partner for the realization of your e-commerce site, a modern business showcase for your business or looking for a graphic restyling, Catamedia is the right agency to contact: our team of web designers, graphic designers and expert developers will be able to understand your needs and translate them into the best service site for you.

02 SEO Specialist

Catamedia is also a web marketing agency experienced in search engine indexing. Web sites that follow us through our SEO management plans get the right boost for search engines, thanks to a meticulous care for content quality and to the attention of Google’s standards designing websites easily indexable on search engine. The experience in social media marketing and the creation of viral content that drives more and more users to our clients.

03 Social Media Marketing

From the commercial point of view, the focus on choosing the Social Network (or its different features) is crucial to achieving the business goals.

From years it is possible to use (with unthinkable results) these platforms to promote your company or business to a large number of people.

You can also choose the audience that interests and invest only in that: targeting the audience decrease the investment cost and make it far more effective.

Social Networks represent the unmissable opportunity for companies to establish a relationship with a vast pool of potential customers and  fidelize them.

04 Content Marketing

Products and services of every kind are searched every moment through search engines, intercepting the needs and these users gives us the great opportunity to conclude a sale or acquire a new customer.

Through an effective advertising campaign, entrusting yourself with Google Adwords experts, and with a truly irrelevant business investment over traditional ADV, all this becomes possible.

The only thing that you will have to worry about is to have a clearl goal to reach, our team of experts will do the rest.

05 Digital PR

We take care of your company’s online relationships by detecting industry influencing and tracking conversations around your brand. We plan communication strategies to involve referral media, communities, and social network users.

Relationships last over time. Pointing to Digital Pr’s business is the winning strategy for a brand image to build in the long run.ù